KOT react to lies your girlfriends will tell to go to Vasha

The WRC Safari Rally returned to Kenya in 2021 after a 19 year hiatus

•Kenya is hosting the 2022 World Rally Championship Safari Rally until 2026

•Subaru boys will also be among those with your girl in Naivasha 

Rally WRC Naivasha Twitter
subaru naivasha Rally WRC Naivasha Twitter

President Uhuru Kenyatta flagged off the 2022 WRC Safari Rally at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre in Nairobi County Thursday, June 23.

More than the race, Kenyans heading out to Naivasha are more excited about the parties and alcohol.

This is evident in the jokes being told to assure men that their girlfriends will be well taken care of.

Here is a list of lies your girl will tell you, to sneak off to Naivasha with her side bae.

Kesi baadaye.

1. If she suddenly has her period and her cramps are keeping her home solo, fellas she is in Vasha. No girl gets her period just like that tells you she wants to be alone. NEVER!! We usually want to be pampered, so if she is alone at home, ako Naivasha.

2. Has she suddenly picked a fight with you? And she is mad as hell? Sorry fellas, we do this so that we don't have to see you the entire weekend. Your girl is on her way to Vasha with her side man. Pole

3. If she has a male bestie she says she is hanging out with this weekend, boy do I have news for you. That bestie is her side man and they will have a good time in Vasha, laughing at you.

4. Her distant cucu died and she has to grieve. Just think about it fellas, have you ever known about this dear cucu she is tearing up about? No? Woieee your girl is going to Vasha.

5. If she tells you that this weekend she is going to be off social media, fellas your girl is in Vasha with her side man and doesn't want any sign she is otherwise occupied.

Meanwhile below are jokes that men are being trolled for about their girlfriends.


Thursday, June 23 (1 stage - 4.84km)

Stage 1: Super Special -  Kasarani – Start Time: 12: 08 pm – 14:08 pm

Friday, June 24, (6 stages - 129.04km)

Stage 2 to Stage 7 – starts at 6:00 -8:00 am

Saturday, June 25 (6 stages - 150.88km)

Stage 8 to Stage 13 – starts at 6:06 -8:06 am

Sunday, June 26 (6 stages - 82.70km)

Stage 14 to Stage 19 - Final stage start time 12:18– 14:18 pm

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