• Anerlisa has also had to deal with insensitive fans who ask very inappropriate questions.

Keroche breweries heiress
Anerlisa Muigai Keroche breweries heiress
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Keroche breweries heiress Anerlisa Muigai is not one to sit back and take abuse or placate bullies, she takes them head-on.

Anerlisa has in the past addressed her failed marriage, her new boo and anything else concerning her business.

In one post she wrote about her epiphany on matters of love and relationships.

"Love alone cannot sustain a relationship," Anerlisa said.

She then shared a popular social media quote: "Staying in a relationship just because you love somebody is not worth it.

Love is not all you need. Reassurance is what you need. Happiness is what you need. Knowing every day you are their favourite person is what you need. Learn to love yourself instead."

The Nero Company CEO even shared a photo of her new bae, Melvin, on a night out clubbing with the caption, "Mel is wondering why I am looking at my shoes instead of dancing."

Anerlisa has also had to deal with insensitive fans who ask very inappropriate questions.

One of her fans recently asked a very personal question. "Utazaa Lini? Unazeeka. (When will you have babies? You’re getting old)."

Not one to be easily cowed, Anerlisa responded, "Ata sijui. (I don’t even know)”

In another post, she wrote, "Some people's IQ is so small, you can almost predict what they do  or say next."

A while back, Anerlisa, now 34-years-old, explained why it is not prudent to get a baby without planning yourself.

She addressed young girls, who are rushing to bag the 'baby mama' title.

"Dear Young Girls. Do not get kids with somebody you are not sure about. You can date, get engaged etc, but kids? That’s a whole a** commitment. Rather your partner leaves you because you are not sure about having kids than being forced to do it. That’s just my opinion, and others have different views.”

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