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Comedian turned politician Jalango has just called out a university student who used his photo on Tinder to lure dates.

The user of the profile posted his name as Peter. Jalango advised him to stop impersonating him. Check out the screenshot below.

Jalango warns a catfish using his photo
Jalango warns a catfish using his photo
Image: Instagram

In this case, Peter is a catfish using  Jalango's photo to attract females to his Tinder account.

A catfish is described as "a person who sets up a false personal profile on a social networking site for fraudulent or deceptive purposes."

But catfishing isn't limited to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Fake profiles are commonly found on dating sites as well. 

How do you identify a catfish on any social networking or dating app? Here are some tips...

  • The name on their profile doesn't match the name in the URL
  • They have very few friends/followers, or a very high number
  • You have few or no mutual friends
  • They're very attractive and their photos look like they were professionally taken
  • They don't have many pictures with friends on their profileā€”almost all photos are of them alone
  • They rarely get comments on their posts, or they are always from the same people

A Kenyan Tiktoker shared his experience with a catfish. Watch the hilarious video below.

Signs From Your Interactions

  • They move very fast and convey strong feelings even if there hasn't been much interaction, especially online. In this case, the lady shared her phone number pretty fast.
  • They either refuse to or are very hesitant about talking on the phone
  • They refuse to video chat or keep having problems with internet when the time comes for a phone or video call.
  • They make over the top promises
  • They always have an excuse why they can't meet you
  • It always seems too good to be true
  • Something seems off like the Tiktoker pointed out
  • They don't have any other social media profiles
  • Their personal details are vague or don't add up
  • They ask for money or favors, like in the case of the Tiktoker who asked for gifts on her 'birthday'
  • They're going through some sort of hardship
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