• He married 4 wives out of which he has officially divorced two through a court action.

Jackson Kibor
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Mzee Kibor might be famous but do you really know who he was?

Apart from being the Chairman of Men's conference, he was a respected businessman.

Here are other things you did not know about him

1. He was born in Kipkabus , Uasin Gishu county in 1934 , as of 2022 he was 88 years old.

2. He belongs to the Chumo age set among the Kalenjin. This is the age set that the late former president Daniel Arap Moi belonged to .

3. He married 4 wives out of which he has officially divorced two through a court action.

4. He rose from earning 75 Kenya shillings a month to becoming one of the country's top Tycoons.

5. He is a prominent farmer and owner of lands in various parts of Uasin Gishu and Tranzoia counties.

6. He was an active politician of Kenya's Independence party, KANU.

7. He dropped out of school but his basic literary skills took him far. It is alleged that he dropped out of class 5 after failing to raise 1.50 school fees.

8. Got saved in May 2021

Contrary to what many people believe Kibor had given his life to Christ before his demise.

He got baptized in May 2021 at a local hotel (swimming pool) in Eldoret. The ceremony was carried out by A. I. C Pioneer Church.

9. Kibor had 26 children.

In an earlier interview with The Standard Kibor revealed some of his kids are deceased

 “ My first wife Mary had nine children on our farm in Kitale, but two died. The second one had eight, although I don’t think one was mine. Naomi had six but one died and now Yunita has four children,” he said. 

10. He was the chairman of the Men's Conference in Kenya.

It was un-officially he held thanks to his controversial advice on marriage and relationships.

Let us join hands in wishing Mzee Kibor a long life on this Valentine's day.

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