•Men, hata ukikula nje bakishia wife.

Break Up illustration
Break Up illustration
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It's no science that women are better at cheating than men the sad fact is that it's nothing to be proud about.

During the Morning Conversation on Classic 105, below are some of the reasons women give on why men get caught easily when cheating.

Hugging women with strong cologne

Hugging is not such a bad thing as we all love affection.

The problem comes in when you go home smelling of another woman's cologne.

So before hugging your side chick be sure it won't land you in trouble.

Showering with lodging soap

Lodging soaps are stronger than mapenzi ya Vera na Brown Mauzo.

Most women avoid these while men fall into the trap so easily.

The next time you want to take a shower while out with your side kick usitumie sabuni and if you do let it be a bar soap.

Being rude

Most men's attitude change once they start straying.

They become rude to their wives and do not want to be questioned about anything they do whether right or wrong.

Most will answer very simple questions with very rude answers which are uncalled for. Like the detectives women are most will want to investigate where the problem is.

Refusing to eat

'Aki babe nimeshiba' will be the answer most men give when they do not want to eat their wives food.

Others will start comparing the wives food to that of the side chic.

Denying women their conjugal rights

Most men don't like 'mixing' food.

Once they 'eat' at their babes place they do not want to fulfill their conjugal obligations towards their wives.

So men hata ukikula nje bakishia wife.

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