• Chiki and Bien allow each other to feel attracted to the opposite sex.

Bien Barasa
Image: Instagram

Sauti Sol's Bien has opened up about the sentiments he made a while ago about being in an open marriage with his wife Chiki Kuruka.

Speaking to Willy M Tuva, Bien said that his wife is a very diligent person and as such is the planner among the two.

"I have become better after I got married. By the way, don't reduce my statement to sex, marriage is not all about sex but about companionship. The sex urge reduces as time goes on but love increases," he said.

Bien further added, "I feel it's a tall order to own a person. If a person is married to you, you are not supposed to be their slave. You can't stop a person from cheating on you but Kenyans think it's rather they cheat and not be open."

Bien explained that his wife had given him the freedom to do anything;

"I have all the freedom to get what I want but I don't feel like it since I treasure my wife. I have not cheated but you know, I can meet Beyonce and I might be tempted. I will not disgrace my marriage but am not perfect. Sex does not lead my life. Life has so much to offer."

Bien said that he does not allow ladies to enter his room as he is afraid he could be filmed. Chiki and Bien allow each other to feel attracted to the opposite sex.

"She has her brains and I trust myself so there is no way we can cheat on each other."

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