Gin Din Kariuki is one of the biggest names in the media landscape. The beautiful woman who specialises in strategic communication and public relations in Kenya is best known as the Founder & Executive Chair of Gina Din Corporate Communications.

But apart from her career success, her personal life has been a highlight with her wonderful marriage to Captain Chris B Kariuki being the zenith.

But how did the wonderful couple get together? Their first meeting was a fiery event, according to the couple in an interview with Cleaning The Airwaves.

They first met at Sportsman Arms Hotel in Nanyuki, where Mr. Kariuki was staying as the Kenya Airforce had not yet completed constructing its barracks.

The tall skipper was unhappy with the size of his bed and complained to the owner of the hotel, who coincidentally was Gina's father but the issue wasn't dealt with.

I requested a few times, can you please change my bed and I would go to work come back (to find) they have not changed my bed."

It got so bad that Mr. Kariuki got into an argument with him about the gripe but Gina was quick to neutralise him, telling him to respect her dad.

"So after a few days, I got fed up. I marched in there, I was so mad and Gina and her father were sitting there. You Din! I’ve been telling your people about this bed and I'm fed up,” a furious Captain Kariuki told the hotel owner.

That is Mr. Din to you!” was Gina's response. Mr. Kariuki was having none of it, telling Gina that he didn't care. 

But Mr. Din diffused the situation between the two before handing the former Kenya Airways pilot a new room with a bigger bed.

But that wouldn't be the end as Mr. Kariuki would later apologise to Gina later that night as he was having a drink.

I went sat in the bar later just having a drink and then she came and I said sorry I was rude to your dad and started to talk and we are still talking. Two children, later we are still talking,” he joked.

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