Signs that show your best friend is too toxic for you


• When you guys go out and she expects you to pay for a large percentage of the bill or acts like she has no money.

Woman crying
Woman crying

It doesn’t matter if you guys have been friends ever since childhood, if she is inconveniencing your life and you have to tolerate it, then that’s not friendship.

From a female perspective, arguments do make relationships and friendships stronger but not all the time.

If your best friend does any of these things, she is definitely toxic;

If she expects you to do things that are not in line with your principles without even compromising. Basically, you always have to bend your rules for her yet she can’t do the same for you.

When you guys go out and she expects you to pay for a large percentage of the bill or acts like she has no money or creates an excuse so as to make you pay the bill more than once or twice.

When she expects you to put her first at all times even when it comes to your other regular friends with whom you have created a bond on different occasions. Feeling like she deserves all your attention yet it is human nature to socialize.

When she barely shows any support for your projects like for example business unless you bring it to their attention. It’s either they are jealous or they just don’t care about the progress you are making.

When they bring up issues from a long time ago that she already forgave you on. Making a big deal out of it yet the hatchet was already buried.

When she has no respect for your boundary or things that can be considered as private such as confidential information.

Of course human is to error but your best friend or as a best friend, one should be a source of peace and comfort.

My boss says, “Friendship is expensive.’’So handle it with care and don’t be the toxic friend.

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