• Benzema David survived a nasty road accident on Saturday night. 

Benzema David
Benzema David
Image: Instagram

Gengetone singer Benzema David was involved in a nasty road accident on Saturday night. 

On his social media, Benzema shared a picture of his car, which had overturned. 

The vehicle's bumper was badly damaged, with the windscreen broken too. 

"Glad to see another day. Had an accident driving yesterday. Thank God. Stay safe guys," Benzema wrote on Instagram. 

His fans and fellow celebrities consoled him;

@ Fancy fingers - "Eish pole bro! Glad you are alive and well!"

@ Michelle Ntalami - "Oh no. So sorry @benzemadavid. Glad you’re okay."

However, another fan claimed that she saw Benzema while heavily drunk at a club that evening. 

She opined that the accident might have been caused by drunk driving. 

"The moment we realize drinking and driving will never work, we'll be in a very good place. Pole kwa Benzema, but he was too tipsy at 4040 when i saw him. If he wasn't the one driving, my apologies for this comment," wrote Karenju.

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