• People want to fundraise for you when you’re homeless and on the street. 

Tedd Josiah
Image: Instagram

Music Producer Tedd Josiah has advised Kenyans to love and embrace people who are battling mental health.

According to Tedd, people battling mental health have been left to figure things out on their own something that worsens the situation.

Through his socials Baba Jay as he is fondly known shared

"So are we ready to speak about mental health? Are we ready to speak about depression? Are we ready to speak about the things that the death of your wife can do to you mentally?

Are we ready to speak about how losing a job can mess your brain? Are we ready to speak about how being kicked out of your house can drive you mad?

Are we ready to talk about how not being able to afford food for your kids can drive u mad? Or do we still want to gossip about who's balling and who fell off the “fame trail” and money wagon?

Ladies, I want you to clearly know this. Men are losing their minds out there! and having to pick up the pieces by themselves."

Tedd added that dealing with depression is hard especially when people make a mockery of it.

"Sometimes not successfully sometimes successfully but it doesn’t help when you’re going through hell complete with demons and skeletons of death, loss, brokenness, and people are busy making your life a gossip and popcorn moment.

Some of you are raising boys who will become men. Pray that society changes because the world will return your son back to you broken if we do not start speaking up and as both genders allow space for men and women to speak without being judged.

The way to support a person who's gone through loss? BE THERE, The way to support a person who's in business and needs you? BUY FROM THEM & REPOST WHAT THEY ARE SELLING The way to support a person who needs love? SHOW THEM, LOVE."

In conclusion, he said

"People want to buy from you when you’re down and out, people want to love you when you’re dead with posts of “RIP”, people want to fundraise for you when you’re homeless and on the street.

People want to gossip when they see you without a shirt or shoes walking on the streets.

To those who can’t deal with this message I will post a cute picture of a baby, later on, you can like that and comment on that.

To those who see the need for change please save your brothers and sisters while they are still alive and share this message it’s important."

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