• Papa Shirandula broke the door and demanded to see Wilbroda just to make sure she was okay - Captain Otoyo

Image: Instagram

Captain Otoyo has shared how Papa Shirandula tried to intervene when Wlbrodaand her now ex-hubby had issues.

Speaking exclusively to Mpasho, Otoyo shared:

"Papa took everyone in the show as a family as it is in the script.

One day, Wilbroda called him saying she was about to be beaten up and that she had been locked in a room.

Papa Shirandula drove from Langata to where Wilbroada lived. He broke the door and demanded to see Wilbroda just to make sure she was okay.

After that, he left with her. He loved us with his all."

In an interview with Mpasho, Wilbroda has said she spent a lot of time with Papa Shrandula a week before his death.

He was working on a new project dubbed 'Mzee ni Wewe.'

"I am who I am because of Papa Shirandula.

He is the one who first gave me a chance with the role Wilbroda on Papa Shirandula.

That's how I got my job on the radio,  I still get gigs for that I am forever grateful."

A week before he passed away we spent a lot of time together.

We were also neighbors. At the time we were working on the project 'Mzee ni Wewe.'

His last days were some of the happiest days of his life. We laughed, shared food, and also shared concepts

He was so excited about this project.'' Shared Wilbroda.

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