• 'My life has shifted for the better since I met Esther' -Guardian Angel

Esther Musila and her fiancé Guardian Angel
Image: Instagram

Esther Musila, wife to gospel artist Guardian Angel has said no amount of hate can make her leave her man.

According to her, they are in this for better or worse. 

Speaking during an interview with Ala C on Ciume na Ene, she shared, ''He had so many crushes who were left disappointed after we hooked up.

One day a friend of his sent him something, a screenshot that said 'My crush has been taken'

I had shared my profile on a blog saying I was 50 among other things, that is when blogs started picking things up.

The way social media took and twisted it caught me by surprise, but we chose not to allow people to live for us.

They do not know our journey, even if people talk I can't be affected as I have had to grow a thick skin.''

Guardian Angel
Image: Instagram

Esther said having been the only parent to her kids in the past years she had to show them that she was serious about dating Guardian.

''At first, my kids felt like I had been 'snatched' from them given that I have been the only parent for some time.

But they were more concerned about how the public reacted to the news, slowly I told them that I am an adult and I have a life so we agreed to disagree.''

Guardian added that meeting Esther has been the best thing that happened to him.

Adding that given a chance to choose between his music and Esther he would choose her.

''I fell in love the first day I met her. My honeymoon with Esther started when we met. My life has shifted for the better since I met her.''