Bien explains the future of "Sol Fest" ahead of their last show

Piece by: ZENNA ISSA

• Bien assures fans Sol Fest will continue to live on even after their hiatus

• Bien Aime Baraza  is a  vocalist, songwriter, guitarist, member of Sol Generation group and the husband to fitness trainer Chiki Kariuki.

Bien Baraza
Image: Instagram

Sauti Sol Band member Bien has said that Sol Fest will not die despite their upcoming break as a group.

In a joint media interview, Bien excitedly told the media about the preparations Sauti Sol had done and urged his fans to go and watch the group sing together for the last time as a band.

The "Inauma" musician was enthusiastic to announce that Sol Fest will continue happening in the years to come and it would be better than it originally was.

Bien told members of the fourth estate that they had been practising for the longest time and he was confident enough that it would be a success.

"We've been practising for two months honestly we've been preparing for this moment our entire lives Sauti Sol tumekuwa tunaperform for long na hizo miaka zote we've been preparing for this. tumekuwa on tour most of the year na tumekuwa home for a month and a half and all that time has just been rehearsals and it's been three hours of dance every day with Chiki, it has been band rehearsal as well Polycarp has been rehearsing with the band

Then we linked up band and artists we had a huge stage set up at Carnivore grounds where we rehearsed like on the sample stage so yaani tuko so prepared niko confident juu hatuijai prepare this much for a show in our lives hii moment inaenda kuwa amazing."

 After living in denial for the longest time the Bald Man finally agreed that they were indeed taking a break from Sauti Sol but still hoped that they'd sing together in the future as a band.

"To be honest it is a break for the seeable future of course Sauti Sol will play again together In Shaa Allah we love each other so much we love playing music for our fans we like what we've built together over the years and I think it just important for us to go through this next stage so that we can be a better Sauti Sol so this is not a break for us cause tumekosana."

 When he was asked what would happen to the group's businesses he was quick to respond by stating they had a good structure and their shows would live on.

"Whatever will be happening all our businesses will continue to run as it is because we've put structures for them we have a board that governs all those businesses. Sol Fest next year will happen again with a new batch of artists that's going to be an interesting lineup that I know you guys will enjoy."

He further added that all the business ventures they had established were what enabled them to take a break from each other.

"Sol Generation we are now doing something called press play and for the press play program we've been mentoring young female acts, we are now getting into unveiling our daughter in the next month and Sol Kids is also running very well Polycarp just came back from Germany from a big kids content conference he was representing us there because he is the CEO of Sol kids and he's been running everything.

Everything will continue running as it is because we didn't start these businesses for them to only run when we are there I think the magic of putting structure in your life is that these things work for us even when we're not there and if it wasn't for us having all these ventures then we wouldn't be able to even take a break so the businesses ventures we have are allowing us to take a break."

 He finished the interview by urging all Sol fans to come for the show it will be the experience of a life time.

"Sol Fest is on don't miss it, get your tickets VIP is already sold out but the regular bado. Hii si regular ya kawaida regular ya 4500 haina watu mbwakni ikona wasee deadly, so please come mutaenjoy itakuwa beautiful itakuwa glorious I can't wait to see you guys."

 Below is a video of the full video.

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