Sauti Sol's Bien announces great news for Sol Fest fans

• Sol Fest is synonymous with the popular Kenyan boy band that has been together for nearly 2 decades.

Sauti Sol at a concert
Image: Instagram

For many Sauti Sol fans, this year's Sol Fest represents an opportunity to see them in all their glory for maybe the last time ever!

But their most charismatic singer, Bien Aime Barasa has some good news for fans concerning the Sol Fest event that started in 2021 and has become the go-to end-of-year show for most Kenyans.

During an interview with Nairobinews, the tall singer said that the event will become an annual thing that fans can expect on the entertainment calendar.

“Most definitely, Sol Fest will continue to happen. What people need to do now is release Sauti Sol from Sol Fest. Sol Fest is no longer just about Sauti Sol; it’s about our Kenyan music industry. I mean, guys might get tired of hearing Sauti Sol perform at every Sol Fest concert,” Bien told the blog.

The singer revealed big plans for the end-year concert saying that he hoped it would become Kenya's version of the mega-concert Coachella—which takes place in the American state of California over the span of five days.

“The intention is to make Sol Fest a platform for many other artists, including international ones, to come and have an experience. In Kenya, we don’t have our version of Afro-Nation or Afro-Coachella, and this is the direction we intend to take with Sol Fest. Our dream is to bring a variety of different acts to that stage,” Bien added.

And his vision might actually be realistic if you look at the type of artists Sol Fest has been able to draw in just two editions.

Last year, Tanzanian superstar Harmonize, and the late South African rapper Costa Titch were surprise performers at the show, something that proves the pull and connections that Sauti Sol has.

Meaning, it can only just get better with all the networks they have made in their long career. 50 Cent maybe?

Sauti Sol with 50 Cent
Image: Instagram

Either way, anything that improves the Kenyan entertainment scene is a good thing in my books.

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