Sauti Sol forced to explain their 'breakup' again ahead of Sol Fest

Piece by: ZENNA ISSA

•Speaking at a joint media interview in Nairobi, Sauti Sol in partnership with Coke Studio told journalists all about their planned Sol Fest event.

Sauti Sol
Image: Leah Mukangai

Suzanna Hitmakers (Sauti Sol) will be performing for the very last time as a band on the 2nd and 4th of November. The 2nd will exclusively be for the VIPs while the Saturday one will be for the diehard fans.

The beloved boy band decided to call it quits and everyone to go their separate ways while looking for greener pastures elsewhere.

Speaking at a joint media interview in Nairobi, Sauti Sol in partnership with Coke Studio told journalists all about their planned Sol Fest event.


This being their last performance the group wants to go all in and give their fans the best experience at the concert.

Bien proudly told the media that they normally perform every year and this would be their third year in a row.

He jokingly described the time they spent together as a marriage and they needed to be free after seeing each other every day.

"This is happening for the 3rd time in three years it's been a journey, I heard a lady saying it was the last performance it's not the last it's a hiatus a break we are taking a break, it's a break from 20 years of being together and seeing each other every other morning it's like marriage."

Sauti Sol is known for performing for less than 30 minutes and then walking away as if fans didn't pay a lot of money to see them perform.

This year the boy band group decided to play differently and promised their fans a full three-and-a-half-hour Sol experience.

"Bien confidently said " I promise all the fans when they come they are going to have a heart-shattering experience we have prepared a three-hour show after people said the shows are short. The show is going to be 3 and a half hours and it's going to be beautiful."

Other than talking about their "break " the band talked about having a surprise artist on their show and why they decided to separate the VIP and regular shows.

"We decided to separate the VIP and regular shows because it's very hard to please everybody and we want everyone to get the best experience most times if you have a joint show one person tends to feel we are favouring them over another.

So Thursday we'll have the VIP experience which will have food and drinks and proper experience and we'll be bringing out a lot of surprises on our side, the surprises will be from some of the artists we've collaborated with. 

We promise the shows will start and end on time since Friday is a working day. The show will start at 9 o'clock and end at midnight. On Saturday we will start at 10 o'clock and finish at 1 am but there are going to be amazing DJs there. Thursday is going to be about our greatest experience and Saturday is going to be for the fans guys come and enjoy the show there'll be security."

The band finished their press statement by thanking everyone who has supported them in their journey and urged their loyal fans to come to watch them perform for the last time as a team.

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