Major lessons Esther Kazungu has learnt about marriage (video)

Piece by: ZENNA ISSA

• The hilarious content creator opened up about her marriage and friendship details she learned since she became famous.

Esther Kazungu
Image: Instagram

Digital content creator Esther Kazungu has opened up about her life in a recent quickfire session with Mpasho.

The beauty's passion for creating meaningful content and fighting for social justice has taken her from being a video journalist to a full-time content creator and activist.

Her determination to make a positive impact on the world has become an inspiration to many.

In the exclusive session with Kalondu Musyimi, the content creator got to share her exciting journey of pregnancy and marriage life.

Her being the sweetheart she is decided to talk about her undying love for her husband and soon-to-be father of her child. This is how the interview went down.

Kalondu: How old are you?

Esther: I am 30

Kalondu: Who's your best content creator besides Esther Kazungu?

Esther: Crazzy Kennar

Kalondu: Who's your best friend?

Esther: Foi Wambui

Kalondu: What's one thing you've learned about friends?

Esther: I have a lot but one thing people will always come to you, so even if you are struggling with friends you'll always find that one friend who changes your opinion on friendship.

Kalondu: What's your biggest life regret?

Esther: Not travelling more I guess, like always thinking I need like a lot of money to travel but yeah you don't need a lot of money to travel I found out.

Kalondu: What have you learned about marriage?

Esther: Wueeh it can humble you, but it's a lot of compromise and just meeting halfway but at the end of it all when you guys are friends it is very very smooth.

Kalondu: Kazungu give me relationship advice

Esther: Communication is key don't assume your partner is telepathic always make sure you communicate everything and also make sure you are giving them a chance to communicate and that you are on the same team not against each other.

Kalondu: What's your favourite Kenyan movie or series?

Esther: For the series, it's Crime and Justice I can rewatch it anytime for movies I'll go with Jimoni.

Kalondu: Who melts your heart?

Esther: My husband

Kalondu: What is one thing your husband does that always makes you laugh?

Esther: His stories. He always makes me laugh.

Kalondu: What was your first reaction when you found out you were pregnant?

Esther: It was hilarious we were just laughing but we had already thought about it so it wasn't a surprise we were shocked for like 3 seconds then we were like okay let's do this.

Kalondu: What is one piece of advice you've been given about pregnancy?

Esther: Take one day at a time or an hour at a time.

Kalondu: When was the last time you cried?

Esther: I cry so often because of the hormones the last time I cried was yesterday because of the hormones.

Kalondu: What are you craving?

Esther: Pizza. Chicken, bacon, and barbeque pizza to be specific.

Kalondu: What do South Africans think about Esther Lerato Kazungu?

Esther: For the most part, I think they love me, I haven't met anyone hostile so I think they love me.

Kalondu: Kazungu ask me a question

Esther: How are you really?

Kalondu: I am fine really.

Below is a full preview of how the quickfire went down;

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