Famous fitness influencers highlight major challenges they face in the gym

Piece by: ZENNA ISSA

• Fitness influencers go through a lot and always have a favourite person to train it can be a local "mwananchi" or an influential person. Read along to know who they prefer the most.

Fitness influencer Rhotimmi and Chikki with Quincy
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In an exclusive interview done by Mpasho, fitness influencers Rhotimmi, Quincy and Chikki got to share their experiences as fitness influencers and the challenges they've faced when training people.

The fitness influencers were thrilled to have an exclusive interview with Mpasho as they believed they would get more exposure once featured in an article.

When they were asked what they would have been doing if they weren't in the fitness industry their responses were quite shocking since only one had the idea of still staying in the creative industry.

Chiki: I can't imagine not doing dance fitness honestly!! But certainly something in the creative industry. Events management, artist management and creative direction are all things I also do, so I think I would do more of that. 

Rhotimmi: I would be a medical doctor or physiotherapist working in a hospital taking care of my clients or I'd be a fashion model or stylist.

Quincy: I studied IT in school so I'd definitely be an IT expert.

The reasons that made the influencers join the fitness industry were quite shocking and this left the Mpasho team astonished.

According to them, the fitness industry was a way to make people feel appreciated and comfortable in their own skin. It was for the betterment of the society that they joined the industry.

Chiki: I was dancing professionally for quite a few years, and at some point, I really fell out of love with auditioning, and even performing. But I never wanted to stop dancing. In school, I was offered the opportunity to learn how to teach on a 1-year course. I decided to give that a go, and I fell in LOVE with the experience of teaching groups. Specifically because of the power it gives you to make people feel amazing. The rest is history, I kept teaching different target groups from Mental Health, to elderly people, through to children, and discovered that I loved the experience of making women feel amazing in their bodies. A big gift that dances always gave me

Rhotimmi: Fitness has always been a part of my life when I started going professionally I wanted to make a change in people's lives.

Quincy: I got into fitness because of my dance career, I need to train a lot of people to dance so I joined fitness through it.

The fitness influencers didn't feel like pointing any fingers at who was better to train and who wasn't since they wanted to acquire more clients.

Chikki being an enthusiastic human she is decided to answer first and gave an elaborate reason on why people train but the only problem is that she didn't really answer the said question.

Chikki: When you are training, you are training a human first and foremost, all humans have insecurities, things they love, and things they don't.

I think the biggest question is why people train. You may find that people in the public eye often have a level of public pressure attached to their reasoning behind training, which can impact training discipline. The BEST people to train are just people who want to train because they want a richer and healthier lifestyle, and then they come for that.

Rhotimmi: I really don't think there is any yardstick to that. Personally, I focus on people who value their health be they celebrities or not. I focus on people who understand the value of health and are willing to invest in that. I don't care if you are a celebrity or not.

Quincy: I feel it's more of the same. when I train it is more of the same I give every client of mine the same treatment and I give them my all so it is just the same.

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