All about Military veteran turned Fitness Coach Yankee Leon


• He is not just a fitness coach, he is also the founder of Misuli festivals.

Yankee Leon
Image: Instagram Yankee Leon

Yankee Leon, a fitness trainer and the founder of Misuli Festival has shared what it takes to get a well-built body.

In an interview with Mpasho, explained that the desire to empower himself pushed him into the gym.

What made you get into fitness?"We asked

He responded by saying that that he wanted to push people to live a healthy life and also live the best life.

"I was deeply inspired to embark on my fitness journey. I realized the profound impact that leading a healthy lifestyle could have on one's life, and I wanted to share that inspiration with others."

"Witnessing the incredible transformations and positive changes that fitness could bring became my driving force. My journey began not as a response to being overweight but as a passionate desire to empower myself and others to live their best, healthiest lives." The coach responded.

What are some of his proudest moments as a fitness influencer?

"Hosting Fitness events either as a judge an MC or an organizer Just makes it all add up to me being proud of my work. That's from facilitating bodybuilding events locally and judging international events. to facilitating the Matter Heart Run marathon with over 25,000 participants to facilitating Verve Live the biggest Fitness party in Africa with over 300 participants. 

And lastly one of my proudest moments as a fitness influencer was when I received a heartfelt message from a follower who had transformed their life through my guidance. They had lost a significant amount of weight and regained their confidence, all because of the workouts and advice I shared. Knowing that I played a part in someone's life-changing journey is incredibly rewarding and fulfilling."

Yankee has worked with different celebrities.

He shared his experience training celebs compared to training the normal mwananchi.

According to him, celebrities have demanding schedules which makes it a little bit unique compared to the general public( which is more diverse).

He concludes by saying that the core principles of motivation, encouragement, and personalized fitness plans remain the same.

The bodybuilder said he doesn't support the use of steroids in the gym adding that he advocates for natural and sustainable approaches to fitness.

The fitness MC says that even though it is a personal choice to use steroids, they come with significant risks and side effects.

"I believe that the use of steroids in the gym is a personal choice, but it's essential to approach it with caution and responsibility. Steroids can have significant health risks and side effects, and they may not be suitable for everyone."

"I always advocate for natural and sustainable approaches to fitness, focusing on hard work, proper nutrition, and consistency. Ultimately, it's crucial to prioritize one's health and well-being above all else in any fitness journey," He continued.

The coach also said that he is very supportive of the method of training with your partner because it increases motivation, creates a stronger bond between you two, and also gives you a chance to stay healthy as a couple.

He continued to say that working together also gives you both as a couple a sense of accountability and also acts as mutual support.

Yankee is a jack of all trades, he can cook, and play rugby, and he is also being a veteran in the military.

You will be able to meet the fitness influencer at Africa's Biggest Party this Saturday.

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