Fitness coach Alvin reveals why it is hard to work with celebrities


• He is a fitness trainer who has trained in different countries in Africa.

• He told Mpasho that celebrities tend to be in a rush while working out and always want immediate results within a very short period.

Alvin Lee
Image: Instagram Alivin Lee

Alvin Lee, a fitness coach has said that it is harder working with celebrities than working with a common mwananchi.

He told Mpasho that celebrities tend to be in a rush while working out because they want immediate results in a very short time and they always want a specific physic.

The fitness master states that some celebrities tend to be inconsistent due to their crazy work schedules and that is what pushes the rush.

Interviewer: "How is it training celebrities vs. wananchi wa kawaida? "

Alvin answers, " For the celebrities I have trained they find it hard to be very very consistent, because of their work schedule and all that stuff, and some of them want quick results.

"Wananchi are honestly very easy to train coz on top of their work being not so tight coz I have worked with CEOs who have very very tight schedules I just find that celebrities have more excuses."

He continued and said those celebrities who have the core principles of motivation, encouragement, and personalized fitness plans remain the same without any interruptions to the schedule.

Alvin concludes and says that even though it is not that easy, it is a unique experience to train celebrities. 

Our interviewer doesn't hesitate to ask what is his proud moments as a fitness influencer and it seems that Alvin has a lot to say about this for he has endless proud moments.

He said that his proud moment as a fitness coach is leading a class of over 5,000 people and he has done it in both Nigeria and here in Kenya.

He says that he has also joined the Matter Heart run projects and that is his proudest moment in his line of work.

The fitness coach doesn't fail to appreciate and advocate for his partner. He says that she is the source of strength when they are down.

"Yes I do advocate for my partner, there is accountability sometimes when you don't have syke, coz your partner has it you do it. You get to learn from each other and push each other." He states.

He concludes that it is a beautiful thing to work together. You can meet the fitness influencer at Africa's Biggest Party this Saturday.

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