Simon Kabu reveals how he revived Kenya's tourism industry

Piece by: ZENNA ISSA

•Simon Kabu is a businessman, father of four, husband to Sara Kabu and the founder and CEO of the Bonfire Adventure travelling agency.

Simon Kabu with his wife Sara and their children.
Image: Instagram

In an exclusive interview with Mpasho, Simon Kabu who is the founder and CEO of Bonfire Adventures expressed his joy of winning two major awards at the 30th annual World Travel Awards which was held in Dubai.

The Founder and CEO was overly excited to share his joy of winning the African leading tours and travel agency and Kenyan leading tours and travel agency and gave credit to his loyal fans, clients and God. 

"Even if at Bonfire we are unique,  I feel very encouraged to become better.

Most importantly I wish to thank our clients, our fans, my team and above all the God  Almighty."

When he was asked what was the travel agencies' greatest achievement since they joined the tourism field, He was quick to reply and state that they changed the tourism industry in Kenya.

"Our greatest achievement is the way Bonfire Changed the tourism Industry in Kenya. Before we came into the picture, Many hotels were closing from April to June and tourism was considered to be a white man’s affair, but when we came into the picture, many hotels only closed when they wanted."

He also spoke about the travel agency's future plans and this is what he had to say;

"Our plan is to continue improving and addressing the tour and travel agencies. Many people are stressed but they get to relieve their stress by addressing the need for travel. In a way, we are trying to keep the nation healthy by managing stress.

So our plan is to improve what we have right now and handle the whole world cause we normally take people from Alaska to Cape Town anywhere in this world we'll be able to take you. I want us to continue doing that and becoming better than how we are now."

Simon finished by saying that Bonfire Adventures advocates in giving back to society and he also has a firm that encourages the young generation on the steps to getting employed.

"We always give back to society, our company believes in helping society. Our agency has something called Bonfire rewarding heroes and heroines. Anyone who does a good thing is recognized and rewarded so that other people can be encouraged

Every year the top KCSE and KCPE are rewarded and we also support children's homes and street boys we take them to school.

I have a firm that encourages young people on ways they can get employment and also lose opportunities based on what they post on their social media platforms and how they dress."

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