Khaligraph Jones's secret for a happy life would please Andrew Kibe

Piece by: ZENNA ISSA

β€’ The musician opened up about little-known details during his conversation with Mpasho.

Khaligraph Jones with Mpasho reporter Kalondu Musyimi
Image: Instagram.

Yesterday during the Coke studio exclusive listening party Kalondu Musyimi, proud Mpasho reporter got the chance to have a quickfire interview with the OG himself, Khaligraph Jones.

The Kenyan rap king who recently won the EAEA award got a chance to tell us some interesting details about himself that most people don't know about him.

The musician was asked what his best verse in the bible. He said that it was John 3:16 and joked that he didn't know the verse but expected that Kalondu knew it.

He also revealed that his favourite meal was fish and ugali and added that is also the best meal someone can prepare for him. 

Khaligraph Jones who is married to Georgina Muteti also confessed that the person he contacts the most is his wife.

But arguably the best section of his interview was his admission that the key to a happy life is to marry the right woman. (Something that would most likely please men's rights activists like Andrew Kibe and Amerix who normally stress to their followers the importance of vetting your future wife)

The "Omollo" singer also disclosed that his first job was being a bouncer, something that would explain his muscular physique. 

The rapper would then deliver another stunning answer by saying that he was his own best friend. "We are in this world on our own, I am my best friend."

He defended his position by stating that a person is supposed to be their own cheerleader and not expect people to do things for them. "If you can do something good, it's better you do it for yourself," he said.

Lastly, rapper finished the interview by urging people to listen to his latest songs; 'Flee' and 'Minimal Pressure'.

Watch the interview below;

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