Khaligraph Jones and Nyashinski's 'Sifu Bwana' song tops YouTube trends

Sifu Bwana song is now number 2 on trends.

• 'Sifu Bwana' is among the songs in Khaligraph Jones' album dubbed Invisible currency. 

Khaligraph Jones and Nyashinski
Khaligraph Jones and Nyashinski
Image: Courtesy

On Friday, Khaligraph Jones dropped the much-anticipated 'Sifu Bwana' song.

The song that features fellow Rapper Nyashinski is a remix of an old gospel song that is common in most Kenyan churches.

On the second day of its release, the song is ranking top on YouTube trends.

As of Saturday 2.00 PM, the song was number two on the trends, with more than 400,000 views.

The rappers are yet to release the official video of the song, they have only published the lyric video.

'Sifu Bwana' is among the songs in Khaligraph Jones' album dubbed Invisible currency. 

Here is how Kenyans on social media are responding to the song. 

@Gabriel - "SIFU BWANA - that much anticipated banger by Khaligraph Jones feat. Nyashinski - just dropped on YouTube. It's just the audio version, but it's already shaking the airwaves more than Earthquake Mudavadi. Omollo!"

@Thitu - "Kings and Queens of cancelling music, mnatoa nguvu wapi ya kucancel Sifu Bwana by Khaligraph Jones na Nyashinski? Zombies!"

@ Wycliffe - "Sifu bwana by Kaligraph feat Nyashisnki is only embraced by lover of secular music and Christian struggling in faith. Anyone with knowledge of faith accept the creativity of the two artist but nothing beyond that." 

@ Tony - "I cannot wait to go church tomorrow and sing sifu bwana @KHALIGRAPH and @RealShinski"

@ Mike - "Nyashinski's verse on that Sifu Bwana song was short but it went hard. He really added some weight on his previous bar: "secular lakini naandika gospel fire."

@ Osoro - "Khaligraph Jones should’ve added a live choir on Sifu bwana, like Kanye West with his sunday service."

Here is a lyric  video of the song. 

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