Sam West- Ruto should stop downplaying Azimio Demonstrations

• Sam West has evolved into a motivational speaker and a good one for that matter.

• In the past, he was well-known as a music manager for his ex-wife Vivianne.

Sam west

Motivational speaker cum businessman Samuel Gitonga has asked Kenyans to value the peace they have.

Gitonga who is well known as Sam West by her fans was recently in Congo, a country where conflicts, death, and unwarranted attacks have for years marred.

In an interview with Mpasho, Sam says Kenyans will only learn the value of peace once they lose it, especially with the current ongoings.

" You might not value peace right now because you have not experienced conflict.

But once you do, you will do anything to experience peace.

I was in Goma, in Congo, and I had an amazing experience in Congo.

However, one thing I noticed in Congo is that corruption is very high. People there are competing for corruption.

One thing we can emulate in Kenya is how the young people have managed to rebuild their country after the constant conflicts.

Goma is an area with war and conflicts but they have managed to rise up.

One thing about them is that anything that involves peace, that is what they are looking for."

Is Maandamano Wednesday Necessary

" Maandamano situation is very sad because the two sides do not want to listen to each other.

Raila is fighting for the people. Ruto on the other hand has good intentions for mwanachi. People on the ground are however still feeling oppressed."

Sam advises that it is best for the two leaders to sit down and talk.

"The cost of living is very high. It's high time these two people sit down and agree and compromise to sort this thing out.

Ruto should not downplay the issue of Maandamano.

If both of them beat their chest, the results won't be very good."

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