Sam West: People who flaunt cash on social media have childhood trauma

Sam West says one does not have to flaunt cash to prove they are wealthy.

• Sonko took to his socials to show off 30 million.

• Eric Omondi also took to social media to show off millions of cash to Oga Obinna.

Sam West.
Image: Instagram/Sam West

Motivational speaker cum businessman Sam West says people who take to social media to flaunt cash have trauma from their childhood.

According to Sam, some people grew up poor and with no money, now that they have 'made' it, showing it off is what validates them in society.

Speaking exclusively, the soft-spoken man who made his first million at the tender age of 22 shared

"I have seen a trend of people taking to social media to show off cash, The truth is that Real money is very quiet.

You would be shocked that most people who are filthy rich never post it on social media.

Have you ever seen Bill Gates flaunting cash?

People who go around flaunting cash are most probably people who have just started making money.

The people who own malls in Karen, Town coffee plantations are wealthy but you will never catch them flaunting cash."

Mulamwah flaunts cash.

West says that some people grew up in poverty hence they have trauma and showing off cash is one way to try and validate themselves.

"Some of the people who show off cash are just proof that their self-esteem and self-worth are determined by how much money they have.

That is a very dangerous and worrying thing.

If your self-esteem is tagged on your influence, job, resources, position, and property your esteem will go down if those things don't exist.

Some people grew up poor and hence they have trauma, now that they have cash they want to show off what they have."

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