Mike Mondo finally addresses his post about being single

He is a father of two beautiful daughters.


• Mike Mondo just confirmed his tweet that he had put out on him being single.

Mike Mondo
Image: instagram

Classic 105 presenter Mike Mondo has just confirmed his tweet that he had put out on him being single.

The presenter had posted on his Instagram stories a message that hinted at a breakup between him and his girlfriend with whom they had recently welcomed a child together.

He then went on to Twitter and put up a tweet that also confirmed now that he is indeed back in the market.

In our interview with him and our reporter, Kalondu Musyimi we got to seek clarification on whether he was back on the streets.

At first, he chose to not give any comment on the details of the breakup and what led to the end of their relationship.

"Munapenda udaku nyinyi eeeh, but no comment on the matter, I won't give you any details"

The presenter believes that dating is usually the easiest part of a relationship before getting serious.

"Dating is the most fun and easiest part of being in a relationship, but now when it comes to being in a relationship that's where the hard work comes in"

"But yes I am single and who knows where things may lead us or end up in, maybe it will change or not"

We enquired whether he is taking this time away to just focus on himself , live life and get to just enjoy his alone time as single person.

"I think I just need time to accept this new status and move forward into the next phase but if something changes in the future we will never know"

He has been in other relationships before this and once he even gave his story of how he once dated a single mum.

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