Man on TikTok gives out rules of dating Wababa

These are boundaries not to be crossed by the side chicks.


• The Tiktoker went on to list some of the things that a side chick should not do when dating a mubaba or a married man.

Tiktoker Benjamin Jr Bogonko
Image: TikTok

A Tiktoker by the username Benjamin Jr Bogonko has left fans excited after listing some of the things women who are dating married men should consider.

He says this was a list he came up with after talking to the women who are dating married men or Wababa and did his own summary.

1. The first rule was do not fall in love with your mubaba, love his money , his big tummy, his scent , his body parts if he knows how to use but do not fall in love with him.

2. Respect his wife and his children no matter what the wife does to you or makes you feel.

3. Learn to keep quiet and maintain your silence as it will help you along the way.

"It is your duty, to even remind him when he forgets about paying fees or upkeep for the children and sending them something"

4. Look for a side man as you are already sleeping with someone else's man.

The work of this man is to give you attention, when you are lonely because remember this is someone else's husband."

5.As much as you are to have another man as back up do not ever try to post this man.

"usiwaipost video ama picha ama anything that itafanya mubaba wako aone kama unamcheat, mblock mapema asione"

6. Give your mubaba peace, he left his wife because of stress and all he needs is peace from you not drama and noise.

7. Have a time plan or timeline that states how long the two of you will be together unless he marries you.

8. Never disrespect your mubaba or try to make him jealous, you might end up dead.

9.Never try and get pregnant for him

10. Show your mubaba that you can leave him and aren't entirely dependent on him.

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