Eric Omondi's way forward after 'friend' Moses Kuria denied he sent him Sh126k

Eric on June 24, 2023, shared an M-Pesa photo allegedly showing 126,000 shillings sent to the minister.

• The two are at odds over the comedian criticising the government over some of the recent actions it has been making.

Eric Omondi
Image: Instagram

Eric Omondi has now addressed Trade CS Moses Kuria's denial that the comedian returned the 126,000 shillings that the minister had used to send him to the United States.

Moses Kuria on June 7, 2023, criticized Eric Omondi in an interview with Citizen TV about his constant criticism of the government.

Kuria noted that he would rather use the money to have fun than take Eric on the trip to the United States.

In a live interview this week, Mr. Kuria himself denied Eric's claim during a conversation that the comedian was having with YouTuber Mungai Eve.

This came after Eric had called the CS's personal number to ask him directly whether he had received the amount, something Kuria refuted. had a conversation with Eric and the comic was adamant that he had indeed sent the amount to the politician.

He even said that he would prove himself by going to Mpesa to get the records for what he had done.

"It's his word against mine. Tutaenda kwa Safaricom, si Safaricom wako."

We then asked the comedian why the Trade CS would deny he had sent him the money if they were indeed friends.

"He would have said the truth. 'Eric alinitumia, nilipata.' So hangedeny. Goodwill..."

And had Kuria's denial shocked him?

"No, it has not shocked me. He is the same who said he 'took me to America'. So I didn't expect him to kubali."

Did his denial change how he would be dealing with him in the future? 

"Yes of course. You know we are friends. Me and him are friends," he reiterated about their friendship before adding,

"The good thing is that Safaricom has records. Mpesa belongs to Safaricom. So if we go there and access their records...That's the only way I will deal na waziri."

So would they still stay as friends if Eric was proven right were they to get the records?

"I will handle him with care. Si ka kitambo. With a lot of care."

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