Eric Omondi reveals details quashing DNA beef with Jacque Maribe

Jacque and Eric had a long phone call about the DNA test claims for their son

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

.Eric says Jacque told him he has verbal diarrhea

.He reveals what promise he made to Jacque Maribe about his DNA allegations

eric and maribe
eric and maribe

Jacque Maribe and Eric Omondi had a long weekend call about his denial of their son.

In the call, Eric says Jacque blasted him about his habit of talking too much, with his claim that she has refused to undertake a DNA test to establish the paternity of their son.

He says Jacque labeled his public rants as 'verbal diarrhea'. Eric revealed these phone call conversation details to Mungai Eve Sunday night after arriving from Tanzania.

Eric told that he agrees with Jacque that he tends to talk too much, and can't control expressing his thoughts.

"Jacque alinipigia jana akaniambia nisiongee, nisiongelelee hio stori. Kama beste yangu, Jacque ni beste yangu by the way, nikasema wacha nimrespect, alinicall nikiwa ...akasema Eric don't talk about this again inaleta shida. it's not fair to even for the kid, even for me, even for other people. so nikamwabia sawa pole, nika respect hio request yake, so nikiongellelea hapo nitakuwa nimemkosea."

The former Citizen TV presenter told Eric that she will also keep off the issue.

"Ndio hiyo alinicall before a post, sitaki drama there are some things we talked about that I can't tell you, but I promised ..." He wouldn't tell if he has indeed secretly done a DNA test and is keeping those details secret.

"Nisi ongelelee io, aki Jacque ataniua. yani ataniua officially," he claimed as Mungai Eve prodded him some more about the DNA claims.

"Mpigie Jacque, Eve you are the number one digital media, tafuta Jacque usimuogope, wacha pia yeye aongee, amesema nmi niko na verbal diarrhea,nimeongea sana, na ako na point" he laughed

He said the issue is not likely to ever go away, and it's something that he will confront even in old age.

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