Details of Eric Omondi's 16Kg white shoes that cost him sh58,000

The big white shoes are Kenyan made by a Kibera artisan

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• They cost the comedian sh58,000

• He will auction them to help Stevo Simple Boy

eric omondi big shoes
eric omondi big shoes

Eric Omondi is back from his Tanzania trip. The President of comedy returned with stacks of cash revealing he went on a begging trip.

He has dubbed it his Woiyee trips.

woiyeee in Kenya means feeling sympathy.

"I will be going around the world nikiomba doh, to buy people unga, to remove people from prison," he told about his fundraising initiative.

He will be soon jetting off to the USA where he expects to return to the 254 with loads of dollars.

" Naenda US New York Times Square for one week, juu sasa niombee doh, mi si conman"

While he was en route to Tanzania, Eric displayed the humongous white shoes he was wearing with a silver jumpsuit. The enormous white shoes made it difficult for the comedian to walk (above)

He told Mungai Eve that they are locally assembled shoes costing sh58,000.

"The shoe were made by a man called Obare in Kibera. It cost 58k, it took a week to make, it has two shoes in one, kuna kiatu imeweka ndani akastick," he revealed details.

Eric told that he is wearing big shoes because no one can fit in his shoes.

"Imetengenzwa na mtu anaitwa Obare, imetugarimu taslimu 58k and its pure leather sole, vitu zimewekwa ndani,"

He added that the craftsmanship was not easy " si rahisi, "

The shoes weigh 16 kg

"Watu wamekuwa wakiongea vibaya with some saying I cannot fit in the shoes.

That they are too heavy, too large, this is the definition of life and my brand as Eric Omondi, don't compare yourself and stop talking badly about me" he continued to explain.

The comedian left Tanzania with sh140,000 during his show in Dodoma, Tanzania, which he claims is meant to cushion a section of Kenyans from the high cost of living."I will be selling these shoes at an auction next week on Monday and all the proceeds will go to Stivo Simple Boy,” Eric said in an auction set to take place on July 3.

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