Details of Ndovu Kuu's new ambassadorial deal

Twesigye explained that Ndovu ni Kuu's alignment with Tusker's values and vision made the decision an easy one.

Piece by: PAUL AMUKO

• On 31st of may 2023 Kenyan artist Ndovu ni Kuu was signed as the new brand ambassador for Tusker

• In an exclusive interview with Mpasho, Catherine Twesigye the Senior brand manager at Tusker, broke down the criteria used to recruit Ndovu Kuu as their new brand ambassador.

Catherine Twesigye & Ndovu Ni Kuu
Image: Courtesy of Moses Matiba

Kenyan artist Ndovu Kuu signed a new ambassadorial deal with Tusker on the 31st of May 2023.

In an exclusive interview with Mpasho, Catherine Twesigye the Senior brand manager at Tusker, broke down the criteria used to recruit Ndovu Kuu as their new brand ambassador.

1) What led to the decision of selecting Ndovu Kuu as the new brand ambassador?

''What Ndovu stands for and what Tusker stands for are all aligned together, so this decision wasn’t hard to make when you look at what Ndovu does and how he inspires the next generation to get out of their shell and step on stage and become what they want to be, I mean he told you he was an aeronautical engineer, and then you drop that, to chase your actual dream that you want to become to thrive and make your mark, for us that is what made this partnership easy.''

Twesigye explained that Ndovu ni Kuu's alignment with Tusker's values and vision made the decision an easy one.

 Tusker has a long-standing tradition of partnering with individuals who inspire the next generation, and Ndovu's story and ability to motivate others resonated strongly with their objectives.

2.)What platform brought Ndovu Kuu’s presence to your attention?

''Tusker has been supporting Kenyan music from generation to generation, music is one of the biggest platform where we have really come out strong and supported the young generation to like step up and showcase their talent, 

The attention of Tusker's team was brought to Ndovu Kuu through his presence in the music industry. Music has been a focal point for Tusker's support, and they have been instrumental in providing platforms for young talents to showcase their abilities.

3.)What was the criteria used to pick Ndovu

''For Ndovu it wasn’t just about the music performance but the story, the story behind Ndovu. We received a proposal a couple of months back, and he wasn’t the only person there were others but the time he sent his proposal was the time we looking for partners into this journey to inspire the next generation.''

The criteria for selecting Ndovu revolved around his story rather than solely focusing on his music. Tusker received proposals from multiple individuals, but Ndovu's proposal arrived at the perfect time when Tusker was seeking partners for their Nexus program.

The term "nexus" refers to individuals who strive to make a difference every day, embodying the spirit of perseverance and resilience.

4.)How do you plan to leverage the partnership with Ndovu Kuu to connect with consumers and reach new audiences?

'' Tusker products are based under entertainment, music goes hand in hand with our products and we want to make sure we provide room and inspire the next generation, to bring the best out of themselves, so we partnered with him to entertain his very young following that wants to be entertained.''

This partnership will allow Tusker to connect with consumers and reach new audiences by collaborating with existing entities in the music industry.

By leveraging Ndovu's influence and appeal among the youth, Tusker aims to inspire and entertain the younger generation while promoting their initiatives.

Twesigye emphasized that the collaboration will extend beyond music, encompassing other areas such as sports and creative fields,

Ndovu Ni Kuu
Image: Courtesy/ Moses Matiba

5.)Did the name Ndovu Kuu play a part in you selecting him given that your logo is an elephant?

''Not entirely, not really, it's.. It's the traits, not the name, I hope it makes sense, he impersonates the name so it's the traits, what he stands for and what Tusker stands for bridging the next generation and inspiring them to become what they want to be, i think that's where our values meet and for us that is what is more insightful.''

Despite the logo connection, Twesigye clarified that the decision to select Ndovu Kuu was not solely based on his name. Rather, it was his traits and the alignment of his values with those of Tusker that made the partnership appealing.

6.) Are there any specific campaigns or initiatives in  the pipeline that will showcase the collaboration with Ndovu?

''Moving forward you will realize that we will be bringing the nexus…us, so we are looking forward to partner with him in such projects, we are not just inspiring the next we are championing them uplifting the best of Kenya we are walking the talk we are moving the journey, we are supporting ours that has supported us for the last 101 years.''

7.) Can you elaborate the long term goals and objectives of Tusker’s ambassadorship program?

''The long time goal is inspiring the next generation , uplifting the next generation, where we can , can we get some people to do collaborations, can we get maybe some master classes.''

Tusker's ambassadorship program has long-term goals of inspiring and uplifting the next generation. This includes potential collaborations, masterclasses, and various initiatives aimed at nurturing Kenyan talent across different fields. The program aims to create a lasting impact and foster a supportive environment that encourages the growth and success of the nation's youth.

8.)What advice do you have for the next ambassador after Ndovu Kuu.

''The next ambassador needs to exude that spirit of inspiring others uplifting others giving a platform that is not just about you, but also about everybody else around you, Tusker goes out there to touch the masses, so it is not about individuals, its about people its about Kenyans''

In conclusion the partnership between Tusker and Ndovu Kuu signifies an exciting chapter in inspiring and uplifting the next generation. 

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