Ndovu Kuu shares his musical journey and the rise to stardom


• Ndovu Kuu shares his story on how he came into the limelight in 2019 and his journey to stardom.

Kenyan artist Ndovu Kuu has been causing ripples in the music industry.

Days ago, Ndovu was unveiled as Tusker's brand ambassador at an event held in Liquid Sky Lounge.

He was in the music industry for almost ten years before he got famous but most people knew about him in 2019 when his hit song

 "Ndovu ni Kuu" blew up the internet.

I was in Soroti Flying school in Uganda, practicing Aeronautical engineering for 6-8 months, then came back to Wilson airport, did aircraft maintenance...then in my 3rd year of practice, we got laid off because of Covid 19.."

He further stated that at the time there were a lot of sanctions in the traveling sector which made it even hard for them to get back to work.

And that at the time all he survived on was his life savings at the moment.

But since he had been a music producer and artist for a long time he decided to do something as he waited for things to open up.

"I decided to take a track that had been sitting in my folders for 3 years. the Ndovu Kuu song..it wasn't a 2018 song.."

To him he described this as his lowest moment where he was surviving and with a profession like his, he couldn't just wake up and start a company.

Ndovu decided to put his savings and bet on that song and shot a video and put it out there.

He technically had to be employed to make money and he knew he had to decide at that time.

To him, he called it the elephant factor, which he referred to it as a moment where even if you fall you come back up stronger.

He shared his excitement about his partnership with Tusker and that this was just the beginning of great things.

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