Raburu: Gastric bypass surgery is an investment in yourself

The media personality has lost over 40kgs in the past 2 years


• The Citizen TV  host explains why insurance companies should offer insurance on people who are going through gastric bypass surgery.

Willis Raburu
Willis Raburu

Willis Raburu recently underwent gastric bypass surgery and mentioned that if one thinks about the cost of the surgery they might end up rethinking it and not go through with it.

Gastric bypass surgery is a lifesaver for most people even those with extreme obese conditions could go for it.

He shared, "This particular surgery is an investment in yourself and if you have ever had a loved one in hospital and you do not have insurance it is a crazy experience."

Willis described it as an example of someone not taking care of themselves and ending up getting a life-threatening lifestyle disease that could either cause them to have a heart attack, stroke, or high blood pressure.

"The person will end up in hospital and end up spending almost a million in hospital trying to get better and that might just be the cost of a surgery without medications being involved. So instead of letting your body get there why don't you just have the procedure if all other options of you getting into weight loss have been exhausted."

He stressed that it should be considered for those who are in a bad place medically and going to the gym is very hard for them.

This is a life-changing experience according to Willis Raburu that ensures you live a healthier life and insurance companies should look into helping people who need it.

"If someone is healthy, it means they will not go to the hospital much, and that means the insurance company benefits also."

He further disclosed that for him he ensured he told his family and explained to them about the whole procedure.

This ensured he had a good support system for him in place. According to Willis for anyone undertaking this journey, you really have to learn to control your mind as there is power in the mind, so for you to get better you have to want it.

He disclosed that at Nairobi Bariatric where he did his surgery, they usually have therapy sessions and a support group for all those people who have undergone the surgery, where they can share whatever they are going through.

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