Getting clothes for my size before weight loss was tough-Willis Raburu admits

Willis Raburu gives more details on his life after his surgery.


• Willis Raburu opens up on his recovery journey after his gastric bypass surgery.

Willis raburu
Image: instagram

Willis Raburu recently shared his pictures on before and after his gastric bypass surgery. In an interview with Mpasho, he shared about his journey and life after the procedure.

Willis shared that for him the procedure he had did not require any big cut, the surgeon made incisions that could enable the tiny cameras and equipment to get into the body.

He stated that for him things were really smooth but he is still getting used to his new diet.

"I have to watch the portions of meals I take and also my water intake. The food intake I can have has greatly reduced and things like eating while having a drink at the same time had to stop. I also have to take a lot of water as well and hydrate my body.

In the first few months and after the surgery you have to ensure that you eat slowly and ensure the food is properly chewed."

Willis said that he has been training and going to the gym with the assistance of Alvin Lee Fitness.

He also disclosed that it is very difficult to get the weight back as gastric bypass surgery is more of a permanent solution.

Willis said that he ended up giving away most of his clothes because they don't fit him as he has lost 40kgs.

And he nowadays feels lighter and is able to walk into any store and find his clothes size as it was a bit hard before.

He said to anyone who is considering having the surgery to take it as an investment in yourself and you can save slowly for it.

"Let not anyone make you feel bad for choosing it as an option and that it's not a shortcut if you can."

He also said after you get the procedure done ensure you go to the gym to maintain it, keep being consistent, and get the right information before you do the procedure.

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