Raburu endorses this type of life-saving surgery after massive 40kg loss!

"Don’t be fooled by some ads about black latte tea or some powder!'' the journalist said

Piece by: PAUL AMUKO

• In his heartfelt post, Raburu reflected on his decision to undergo the procedure, emphasizing the immense positive impact it had on his life. 

Willis Raburu
Image: Instagram

Willis Raburu recently took to Instagram to share his remarkable transformation following a gastric bypass surgery, which resulted in an impressive 40 kg weight loss.

In his heartfelt post, Raburu reflected on his decision to undergo the procedure, emphasizing the immense positive impact it had on his life. 

Understanding Gastric Bypass Surgery:

Gastric bypass surgery is a weight loss procedure that involves the division of the stomach into a smaller upper pouch and a larger lower pouch.

The surgeon then rearranges the small intestine, allowing food to bypass the lower stomach and a portion of the small intestine.

This leads to reduced food intake and limited absorption of calories and nutrients, resulting in significant weight loss.

Gastric Bypass process
Image: Courtesy of Dr MJaber

Willis Raburu's transformation:

Willis Raburu's decision to undergo gastric bypass surgery was driven by his struggles with excessive weight, low self-confidence, and health complications.

He acknowledged that despite attempts at traditional weight loss methods, such as exercise, he faced setbacks and found it difficult to maintain progress.

Recognizing the toll it was taking on his overall well-being, Raburu made the courageous choice to invest in his own health and undergo the life-saving procedure.

Importance of weight loss for public figures:

As a renowned TV personality, Willis Raburu's decision to openly discuss his weight loss journey holds immense significance.

By sharing his experiences, he not only raises awareness about the effectiveness of gastric bypass surgery but also highlights the importance of prioritizing one's health and seeking life-changing solutions.

Raburu's transparency inspires others, including his fans and colleagues, to take charge of their own well-being and consider viable options for weight management.

The changing landscape of obesity:

Raburu's call for increased awareness and assistance in accessing gastric bypass surgery aligns with the growing concern about rising obesity rates, especially among children.

Obesity-related health issues pose significant challenges for individuals and burden healthcare systems.

By sharing his story, Raburu aims to encourage dialogue, education, and support for those struggling with obesity and promote the availability and affordability of life-saving procedures.

''Folks let’s keep talking and learning. I’m available. Also please I did the GASTRIC BYPASS SURGERY. Don’t be fooled by some ads about black latte tea or some powder!'' Willis concluded in his post.

An Investment in Self:

Raburu's journey serves as a powerful reminder that investing in one's health is an investment in oneself.

While the decision to undergo gastric bypass surgery is deeply personal, Raburu advocates for destigmatizing the procedure and fostering an environment that supports individuals in making informed choices for their well-being.

''I wish insurance companies change their policy and help pay for this. Many should come out and help people get this surgery done. It’s life-changing!'' said Willis.

Furthermore, he calls for insurance companies to review their policies and provide coverage for such life-altering surgeries.


Willis Raburu's transformative experience with gastric bypass surgery exemplifies the importance of weight loss for individuals, particularly public figures who serve as influential role models.

His willingness to share his struggles, triumphs, and the benefits of the surgery inspires others to prioritize their health, seek viable solutions, and overcome societal barriers.

Raburu's journey highlights the transformative power of gastric bypass surgery and reinforces the significance of weight loss in achieving a healthier and happier life.

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