DJ Fatxo: How Samidoh proved to cops that suicide was possible in nephew's death

The Mugiithi singer was the uncle of the late Jeff Mwathi

• The cause of Jeff Mwathi death remains unclear.

• DJ Fatxo was the main suspect in Jeff Mwathi's death.

Jeff Mwathi and Samidoh
Image: courtesy

Mugithi artist DJ Fatxo says he has never talked to Jeff Mwathi's mother since the young lad died. Mwathi died after a night out with Fatxo and his other friends.

It was alleged his body fell off the 10th floor of the building Fatxo lives in. In an interview with Massawe Japanni, The 'Manga' hitmaker shared,

"My mum called Samidoh and requested that we be allowed to go for the burial."

Asked why he needed permission to attend a burial, Fatxo said the police had restricted his movement.

"The family has already made up their mind that I killed their son. I have never gotten the guts to call her. The story went viral, I know she is still bitter."

He says after Mwathi's death the police and Samidoh (who was Mwathi's uncle) came to his place.

"Samidoh came to my house after Jeff's death. The police requested since he was skinny that he tries going through my window and see if he would fit, and he did," he claimed.

Jeff Mwathi's mum was called live during the interview and she had nothing pleasant to say as she feels justice wasn't served.

"If my son was to commit suicide he would have done so at home. Why did those people who remained at home not go and make a report? The story is being covered up even a child can see so.

Fatxo planned to have my son dead, If not he would have made sure action was taken.I have nothing to talk to him about plus he cannot bring Jeff back to life. He killed my son, if not he would have said who killed him," she bluntly alleged.

Further adding;

"I pray that my son haunts them and may all their kids die the same way. Sorry will never heal me. No justice was served, nothing even happened."

A sad Fatxo burst into tears saying people should give him the benefit of the doubt.

"I feel so bad hearing how Jeff's mum is talking. I did not kill her son. If I wanted to kill him why would I take him to my house to do so?

My house is near a forest adjacent to Safari Park, If one wanted they would have thrown him into the forest instead of the parking lot."

Did he pay his way out?

"I did not pay my way out. How much money do I have? I live in a two-bedroom house. Justice was served, what happened is what was to happen because I am not that rich to buy justice."

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