'I Was A Bad Girl But Christ Changed Me,' Former Genge Musician Lady Bee Spills Tea About Her Past

Piece by: Diana Muteshi

Gospel musician Lady Bee who was one of genge music top ladies in the secular world has opened up about her past before she got saved.

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On her social media she explains the struggles she went through before she transformed her life;

''Ever since I gave my life to Christ,many things have changed in my life I used to worry alot about how things will work out,I was so afraid  fear was in me and that's why I also used,kindukulu,ombitho,ndom,weed? to give me courage even to believe things are alright?Unajua ukiwa muoga wa kitu hujui inakufanyaga unajificha kwa mambo mengine wengine,pombe,usherati,wizi yaani shetani hakosi department yakukupa ili ufeel uko poa upate moral''.

She, however, encouraged her fans that God can change any situation;

''But kwa kweli kuna tumaini kama Leo mi niko huru maze hakuna mtu awezi ekwa huru,ile fear ilipotea nikapata courage natural maana najua Emmanuel Mungu ako pamoja na Mimi and that spirit ilikua inafanya nijifiche kwa dhambi imeshindwa kwa Jina la Yesu.''

Other artistes who also left the secular world include Collins Majale popularly known as 'Collo' and Size 8 who is now married to DJ Mo.