I am ready to be a step-dad to Martha Karua's kids-Vicky Okoth

Vicky Otieno: I am ready to marry Martha Karua

• Vicky dropped out of Maseno University for lack of school fees.

• Vicky says although he he has no money he has a lot of  love ad affection to offer Martha Karua.

the man intrested in marrying Martha Karua
Vicky Okoth the man intrested in marrying Martha Karua
Image: Facebook

Vicky Okoth, 38, has confessed his undying love for Azimio deputy President aspirant, Martha Karua.

The former Maseno University student says he is crazy about Martha adding that he wouldn't mind dating her.

To prove his love for the Iron Lady, Okoth released the song 'Martha Karua Will You Marry Me? Speaking during an interview with Mpasho.Co.Ke he says;

"I realized I loved Martha a year ago but I was afraid to come out. I know she is single at the moment. She is different from the rest. Ladies nowadays have long nails, they wear short clothes and high heels, for her she dresses decently and that is what made me fall for her."

Is he worried about their age difference?

"It is not a big issue when a lady falls in love with an old man. But it's an issue when someone like me falls for someone like Martha."

Asked if he will be able to maintain Martha Karua, he responded,

'I am asking people of goodwill to buy me a good suit. I cannot go to see Martha in the clothes I am wearing. I do not have money.I am asking people to pay for my fare."

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"Life is not about money, you cannot buy love with money. We can even live in State House with her. I am not clout chasing, I am serious about her."

Has he ever met Martha?

"No, I have never met her. If she says no she will have broken my heart. I am ready to be a step-dad to her kids and am very sure they will love me. Politicians have a normal life like me and you so I will help her cook once in a while."

He says he has never voted adding that this will be the first time he is voting because of Martha Karua.

"I will support Martha Karua until she becomes Vice President. I like how she has vowed to fight corruption."

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