I dreamt that Martha Karua was VP - Emmanuel Jal (Video)

Boniface Mwangi with Emmanuel Jal
Social Activists: Boniface Mwangi with Emmanuel Jal

Canadian-based South Sudanese star Emmanuel Jal has a dream.

Jal shared the details of the dream with social activist Boniface Mwangi.

Boniface asked Emmanuel Jal, "If you were Kenyan, tell me, who would you vote for?"

Jal did not respond to the question directly but said, his dreams kinda answered that question.

He said, "The only thing I can say, is last week, I had a dream,  I explained to you, I can only explain based on what I was dreaming about."

Jal explained, "In my dream, I saw that Raila [Odinga] became president, and then Martha Karua became vice president."

When Karua was named by Azimio presidential candidate, Raila Odinga, as the running mate, there were a lot of mixed reactions online.

Karua accepted the position saying, "This is a moment for the women of Kenya. It is a moment that my grandmother would have been proud of...but she would not have been surprised because generations of women have fought for change. This is our moment as women of Kenya. It is also a moment for the men: they are our brothers and fathers."

Jal is in the country where he also released some of his musical projects.

Check out an interview he did with Mpasho a while back.

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Jal released the visuals to 'Hey Mama' featuring Check B.

The former South Sudanese child soldier-turned-activist said the song is a dedication to his motherland. 

"We made a futuristic track just to imagine how the future of South Sudan will be. It goes my country is amazing. Hey Mama," he said.

The song is part of Jal's album, 'Shangah',  released in May 2022. 

"My music is bringing the village I grew up in into the mainstream, modernising the South Sudanese sound with East African influences and authentic hip hop."

"In Shangah, there will be love songs sang in Naath language from South Sudan as well as catchy beats and influences that can be interpreted internationally." 

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