Ben Pol
Tanzanian RnB star Ben Pol

Tanzanian RnB star Ben Pol will be in the country for a media tour.

The ‘Moyo Mashine’ hitmaker will be jetting into Nairobi on June 27, to22 and will be around till July 3, 2022.

Pol will be in Kenya to promote his new single titled ‘Kijanisha’ in which he has collaborated with Christina Shusho, Joh Makini, Frida Amani, Justdiggit and Lead Foundation.

The song is a call on the public to take action and ‘regreen the earth’.

"Climate change is affecting us all and we all need to play our part in reducing the impact. Through communication, we can create awareness of the effects of climate change and promote nature-based solutions that are easily executable by the general public," reads a statement from Pol's PR team.

Check out the song below.

The song seeks to shed light on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development to end poverty, conserve biodiversity, combat climate change and improve livelihoods for everyone, everywhere.

These objectives, encapsulated in 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are unlikely to be met unless ecosystem degradation is stopped and ecosystem restoration is undertaken at the immense scale of hundreds of millions of hectares globally.

Ecosystem restoration means assisting in the recovery of ecosystems that have been degraded or destroyed, as well as conserving the ecosystems that are still intact. 

Healthier ecosystems, with richer biodiversity, yield greater benefits such as more fertile soils, bigger yields of timber and fish, and larger stores of greenhouse gases. 

Restoration can happen in many ways – for example through actively planting or by removing pressures so that nature can recover on its own. It is not always possible – or desirable – to return an ecosystem to its original state.

Currently, there is insufficient political support and technical capacity in both the public and private sectors to invest in the many hundreds of thousands of ecosystem restoration initiatives worldwide that are needed to achieve restoration at such a scale.

Not only would such investment contribute to achieving the SDGs, but it would also yield considerable economic returns for a recovery from the COVID-19 crisis and lead to more social, economic and ecological resilience. 

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