• People have a wrong perception of me so it's hard to reason with them

• I don't mind them calling me names because I know my truth

Amber Ray
Amber Ray
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Recently Amber Ray was on the spot for claiming that she depends on men to survive.

A fan commented on one of her posts, urging her to use her platform to grow her business and her brand but Amber wasn't having it.

She replied to the comment noting that not everyone is business driven. In her own words, Amber said, "Sio kila mtu mwanabiashara(Not everyone is a business person). Riziki yangu ni wababa (my livelihood depends on men). Kubaff!"

This statement got a lot of people reeling, others sort of happy that Amber finally admitted what her line of work is.

But in a recent interview, Amber revealed that she made the comment out of anger and didn't really mean it. According to her she was just giving the haters what they wanted.

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She went on to add that sometimes people misunderstand her and it's annoying.

"Watu wanaudhi...you have to give them what they want to hear.... people already have a negative perspective about me...for you to change that mentality it'll take you a lot of time and I don't have that time," Amber said.

She went on to say that the name-calling doesn't bother her because the people who matter and love her know the real Amber.

On whether it's true that men actually do fund her lavish lifestyle this is what she had to say: "Look at my lifestyle.... how many men do I need to fund me?" She said amidst laughter.

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