• Robert Burale spoke about his dating life preferring to give a coy answer.

Robert Burale

City Pastor Robert Burale says social media in-laws should start kushonesha vitenge. The stylish man of God says he does not have the grace to stay single.

In an interview with Mpasho.co.ke the father of one shared,

"I have made mistakes, If I didn't make mistakes I would still be married. Sometimes we make mistakes and things don't work out."

Asked on whether he is currently dating, a witty Burale responded,

"Keep your eyes open and your ears on the ground. God knows what he is doing, I believe one day God will bless me to be in a union of marriage. I don't have the grace to be single."

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"Marriage is an amazing institution, It is a good idea and God's idea. We all want somebody to chill, pray, and just chat with. Nobody wants to be single for too long."

The life coach was in the past married to gospel artiste, Rozinnah Mwakideu, who is the sister of radio host, Alex Mwakideu.

The two broke up over different issues among them finances. Burale concluded that people shouldn't assume that just because he is divorced, he cannot give marriage and relationship advice.

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