•"By 7.20 AM, I would have sold 200 mandazis and made 400 bob." - King Kaka

Betty Kyallo
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Wealth does not come on a silver platter, you have to work for it.

We take a look at some of the hustles of different Kenyan celebs back in the day

Peter Miracle Baby

The ex-Sailors Gang member used to work in a morgue.

Speaking about his experience he says

“Nikiwa myoung nilikuwa chokosh halafu nikaanza kudu kwa mortuary Kuwaosha after that nikaanza kuuza mawe pale ndederu ndio maana mi nikipiga ngoma na energy sitaki kurudi huko walai Ni kubaya,” said the singer.

(When I was young I was a street kid before I started working in a morgue.is role include washing corpses,.

After that, I started selling building stones in Ndenderu while still doing music with so much energy.I do not want to ever go back there,ni kubaya.)


The aspiring Langata Member of Parliament has done different jobs among them working in a construction site, clearing bushes, dancing in clubs.

And working as a waiter at his uncle's hotel.

Amber Ray

The outspoken socialite has not had it easy as people always assume.In the past, she has opened up to working as a waitress.

She also revealed she used to sell tripe (matumbo).

"Nimeuza matumbo, cereals 45, nimeuza maziwa, nimekua waitress and my last job nilikua head of customer care Ecitizen.

And still in between I was trying several businesses kama side hustle. it’s just that we don’t look like what we have been through.

We work hard behind the curtains.

There’s no easy way to succeed, ata kupata pesa poa from a man you must have your money kwanza. You can’t let people feed you all the time coz they are humans and humans get tired without a notice…” Amber Ray answered her Instagram stories.

Amber Ray is today a celebrated businesswoman and a brand ambassador for different products.

Jimal Roho Safi

After clearing form 4 Jimal started working as a Matatu Conductor, he is today the proud owner of more than 32 matatus.

He is also the chairman of different matatu Sacco.

Oga Obinna

Kiss FM host Oga Obinna is like a cat that has nine lives.Like most people, he has had to engage in different hustles to make ends meet.

Among odd jobs he has done are being an office messenger, a mkokoteni water seller, working in a mjengo, a dancer, club activation among others.

Betty Kyallo

 The mother of one used to sell earrings.⁣

"I started my business by selling earrings from Dubois Road. That was my first business, I was selling earrings to my schoolmates," she said.

"I also sold bras but I didn't make much from it. I want to encourage everybody who is here, no matter what you are doing, as long as you are doing something keep at it, be consistent, and believe in yourself." she shared

Betty is today a proud owner of different businesses among them Flair by Betty.

Caroline Mutoko

The celebrated media personality recently admitted to having been an office messenger.

She would receive and direct calls, she would also write down what time employees came in and those who worked overtime.With time she was given the task of delivering cheques.

King Kaka

The celebrated rapper used to sell mandazi and love letters to his schoolmates as a way of making some extra cash.

Sharing his experience Kaka said he used the cash he earned to pay his school fees.

"In school, I used to be a businessman, I would buy mandazi at 3 bob and sell them at 5 bob. By 7.20 AM, I would have sold 200 mandazis and made 400 bob.

I started paying my fees and lied to my mum that I had gotten a scholarship."


"I also used to sell poetry pieces, I wrote many love letters and would sell at 50-70 bob. I would also sell T-shirts and DVDs," King Kaka shared.

This goes to show your beginning does not determine how your ending will be.Do any job as long as sio kuuza mihadarati na wash wash, hatuna time ya kukuvisit Kamiti.

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