Nick Ndeda finally speaks about rumoured split from Betty Kyallo

•"We are figuring things out. We are still good friends." - Nick Ndeda

Nick Ndeda with Betty Kyallo
Nick Ndeda with Betty Kyallo
Image: courtesy

City lawyer, Nick Ndeda, has responded to claims that he and Betty Kyallo are no longer together. This was after Betty shared cryptic messages of herself solo hinting that she might have dumped Nick or she might have been dumped.

Speaking exclusively to, the bearded litigator said that he was still friends with Betty and that won't change.

"We've enjoyed a fantastic relationship and we are figuring things out. We are still good friends," Ndeda said.

In a past interview with Bonga na Jalas, Nick had opened up on how much pressure there was while dating Betty. 

"There is a lot of pressure, there are many people invested in the success as they are in the failure. 

I know that when a relationship doesn’t work it just doesn’t work and I know I won’t stay in it just because of the public,but in any relationship, you should always have it in mind that you want to get it right."

Their relationship went public in June/July 2021. Since then, the couple decided to make the affair public to the excitement of Kenyans whose love for udaku cant be tamed.

Before then Betty was married to TV personality Dennis Okari with whom she had a child, with the two currently co-parenting.

With the way things are going maybe we should just let the heart do its intended job, ya kupump damu. Clearly, mapenzi ina wenyewe.

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