• After getting to the rural areas aka 'Ushago', city residents have a tendency of setting new standards for a short period of time.

Passengers boarding an upcountry bus
Passengers boarding an upcountry bus
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It is that time of the year when the Nairobi City streets are almost empty. 

Other than not being crowded by people running their errands, the traffic jam is also nowhere to be seen. 

It is like many car owners are out of the city. Not forgetting also the cars that are out of the city because they were hired for a trip to Ushago. 

This explains the crazy traffic that was witnessed around the Thika Highway, Nairobi-Naivasha and the Mahi Mahiu escarpment in recent days. All roads were leading out of the city. 

Well, after getting to the rural areas aka 'Ushago', city residents have a tendency of setting new standards for a short period of time. Some behaviors and actions can be annoying to Ushago people. 


Not every person in Ushago knows what 'Ngumi Mbwegze' and other sophisticated Sheng words mean. 

Speaking in such slang only means that there will be a language barrier between you and village dwellers. 

If one can not speak in mother tongue, it is wise to keep it Swahili or English. You can throw in some sheng, but then you will be limited to slang that has been used for years until it is common in Ushago.  

This meme says it all. Lol!

Special treatment 

There is a section of city residents who expect to be given special treatment at Ushago. These are the type that will say that they only take Mineral water, yet they grew up taking water from the river. 

I do not mean that one should take dirty river water, but there are modern boreholes at Ushago nowadays, and the water is safe for consumption. 

Some parents have a tendency of expecting their 'English-speaking' children to get special treatment from others.

Special diet 

If not for medical reasons, I don't see why one should it different food from the rest of the family. 

Sometimes, the food can be limited, therefore people prefer to give it to 'Nairobi guests'. 

In such cases, advocate for sharing of the little food instead. 

Village affairs 

This is common in men. After turning up in the village with their new car, or one that you hired from a yard in Nairobi, they think they can lay any good-looking woman. This is not a good behavior.

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