Yvette Obura reveals main reason she broke up with lover

• The mom of one also disclosed that she was happy being single at the moment.

Yvette Obura
Image: Instagram

Entrepreneur and digital content creator Yvette Obura has revealed that she is single and has been for a while.

The mother of one alluded to the fact that infidelity might be the actual cause of their separation.

Yvette revealed back in May 2022 that she was dating but made it clear that she will not be showing off her new lover online.

She, however, did give us tidbits of her love life by continuously and strategically taking pictures of the two of them holding hands either in a hotel room or inside a car.

Speaking exclusively with Mpasho, Yvette revealed she is single and enjoying the space that she is in.

"I'm not dating and I love it here. I had somebody but stuff happened," stated the entrepreneur who gained popularity on social media for being Bahati's baby mama and her strained yet interesting relationship with Bahati's now bae Diana Marua.

Yvette Obura, Mueni Bahati and Diana Marua
Image: Instagram

Yvette went on to intimate that the man had stepped out of their union thus forcing her to end the relationship.

"I don't share my man, that is my number one rule. So if I ever get myself in a situation where I feel like I am sharing you with somebody then it is a wrap," added Yvette.

Upon Mpasho further inquiring about what really transpired in the relationship Bahati's baby mama sweetly declined to give further details maintaining that she did not want people trashing the guy because he had been really good to her.

"Sitaki kumchomea. He was such an amazing guy but I don't share... I don't entertain flirting, cheating and all that. I don't do that," Yvette said as she let out a chuckle.

On how many chances she gave him the mother of one said, "Several, several and he knows ata akiona hii he knows."

Finishing up she maintained that there is no chance at all of the two of them rekindling their romance all the while highlighting she was happy being single at the moment.

Watch the interview below:

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