Mpasho recently had an interview with rapper Prezzo. The father of two spoke about the recent allegations against him that he was involved in wash-wash.

He complained that he had always been a source of media bullying ever since he broke onto the entertainment scene. He said,

"To be honest with you, there is no artist who has undergone media brutality such as myself. Ever since 2004, as far as I started music. So for me, since I started music back then to know, I have grown a thick skin and have become immune to all this hate that's always thrown against me."


"I ignore whatever people are saying about me as I move on with my journey. It does not phase me, cause at the end of the day, me and my God and the people who know me, know the source of my income."

He then re-iterated, "My income is 110% legit."

What were his thoughts about the blogger, Edgar Obare, who had used his platform to claim that Prezzo was involved in the wash-wash business? "He is non-existent to me," he started.

Blogger Edgar Obare
Image: courtesy

Before brutally eviscerating Edgar with some claims that I cannot repeat here, although I can at least paraphrase. "I think he was done for something when he was a kid, so he ended up suffering because of it. Whatever Edgar was selling,  I wasn't buying," he finished.

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