In a recent interview with rapper Prezzo, he opened up about being blessed with a baby girl 2 months ago.

The elated rapper who harbours desires of becoming a politician in 2022 refused to speak on the mother of his second daughter but was more than happy to wax lyrical about his baby girl.

"That one is to be in my autobiography to be released soon which is gonna be a best-seller. Her name is Dina. I named her after my mother, Dina Bhoke Makini."


"She is my bundle of joy. She comes first, second and third. If you look at her, she isn't even a photocopy, she is an x-ray of me."

Had anything changed in his behaviour since he was blessed with his daughter, Dina?

"Definitely, I am more focused because of her. I believe if anybody changes you for the better, that's the person to hold on to. She's that person to me."

He explained that he had even made some big changes in his lifestyle, telling me,

"I have even cut down on drinking and partying. If it's not about money, I don't avail myself and I am really not interested. Right now my focus is on my family, my people's and just moving on forward."

He finished by speaking about his strong relationship with God and clarified that he speaks to him from time to time.

"For me, I am not a Buddhist, a Christian or a Muslim. I believe religion brings division. All I do is that I pray to my God and he always listens. He is always there for me."

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