Mungai Eve clears the air on reports of dating MC Gogo


• MC Gogo and Mungai Eve's photos caused mixed reactions online

• Mungai had just broken up with Director Trevor.

Mungai Eve x MC Gogo
Image: Instagram

Kenyan YouTuber Mungai Eve has explained her relationship with MC Gogo.

In an interview with Obinna TV, she said that they are just friends, which goes against what many people thought.

"He's just my friend. We're not dating," Mungai Eve said, stressing that they were just friends.

She went on to explain why she didn't want to date MC Gogo, saying that he was already in a relationship and that she would rather date someone older.

"I value our friendship, and I support our friendship. We've never thought about dating each other... From my point of view, I like dating someone older than me more," Mungai Eve said.

Ms Mungai further stated that she wants to date someone at least three to four years older than her because she thinks that age difference is good for her.

Mungai Eve
Image: Instagram

Online rumors about their relationship started with pictures of them together.

The photos caused mixed reactions online based on the fact that Mungai Eve had just broken up with Director Trevor.

When Obinna tried to woo her, Mungai Eve joked that she wouldn't accept because she thought he had "baggage" and there could be trouble.

"No, you have a lot of stuff, stuff like baby mama drama here and there. That kind of trouble is not something I want to deal with! Mungai Eve revealed in a funny way," Mungai said.  

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