Mungai Eve tickled as Stephen Bhingi confesses his crush on

• Reggae fanatic Stephen Bhingi has a massive crush on Mungai Eve as he revealed

Bhingi and Eve Mungai

Reggae fanatic Stephen Bhingi shared a cute moment with Mungai Eve while confessing his feelings for her.

In a new interview with Mungai, Bhingi tickled the YouTuber after confessing that he has a crush on her.

He made her laugh when he reminded her that his short stature should not discourage her.

"Ni kugonga upate mtoto.Jah alitucreate akasema tufulfill the world. So we should fulfil the world, Kujaza kujaza dunia. " he insisted about his intentions.

She also laughed after he recalled his ex-girlfriend being similar to Mungai.

"Unajua wewe ni mfupi," she told him, as he assured her "as long as we ni mrasta. we unacheza na rada, juu ukicheza na rada, si unajua as long as we huna pressure ..." he stopped short of his words.

Bhingi has a massive following on TikTok where he shares his rasta-inspired lifestyle.

"Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Most High JAH Give thanks to Him" he captions his life.

Bhingi captivated attention recently when hanging out with President Ruto. the two appeared cordial and Kenyans wondered as to their conversation details.

He was among the guests invited for the announcement of monetization of content on Facebook, Reels, and Instagram when the President met with the Facebook Management Team on Monetisation at State House, Nairobi.

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