Samidoh shuts down fan alleging he is flaunting Karen Nyamu's car


• Samidoh is determined not to let cyber bullies go easy.


Image: Instagram

Mugithi Singer Samidoh is not letting bullies have the last laugh.

In the latest incident Samidoh put a bully in his place after the man alleged the singer was allegdly  flaunting Karen Nyamu's car.

The photo showed the 'Ndire Mutwe Mwega' singer  posing as he worked inside his car. Accompanied by the caption below

"Pale highschool hakuna kitu ilikuwa inanichanganya kama " what is the mood of the poem". Kuna siku niliandika " The poem has a sombre mood"

The fan identified as Peter Njoroge pointed out.

"Aki Samidoh,hii gari ni ya Seneta mke wako, hii ni mafuta yetu bro.' loosely translated to mean

(This car belongs to your Senator wife, this is our fuel your are using.)

To which Samidoh responded

"Na inakuuma juu ile kitu wako ako nato tu ni panty liner." (It is hurting you because the only thing your wife owns are panty liners' Samidoh hit back

In December 2023, Samidoh was forced to allegations that he is funded by his Sentaor lover and baby mama Karen Nyamu.

One fan took to social media to try and embarrass the artist pointing out?

"Na wengine hapa tu wanasema umeekwa," the fan wrote.

Samidoh responded saying he is no longer kept, urging the fan to go and occupy the 'vacancy'

 "Nilitoka sasa endeni muwekwe pia."

The two have been together for years having met in 2019.

Samidoh and Nyamu share two kids.

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